„Tanah Mama“ – The struggle of a mother in Papua

„Tanah Mama“ is a movie made by Asrida Elisabeth and tells the story of Halosina, who lives in the Highlands of Papua and struggles to raiser her four children without the support of her husband. Through the movie, Elisabeth tries to urge the government to not forget about Papua and to try and understand the people of Papua. The movie was made in a local language of Papua and has Indonesian and English subtitles. It was released on the 8th of January.

No new Regions in Papua for now

On the 28th December in 2014 the government in Jakarta explained that there will be no new regions in Papua for now, as the existing regions had not yet succeeded in increasing the well-being of the society and would therefore only be a financial burden for the state-budget. At the moment, Papua is divided into two regions, Papua and West Papua, these consist of several cities and regencies. As these regions had not succeeded in increasing the well-being of the inhabitants, the question was raised to further divide the existing regions into smaller regions.