German Human Rights Commissioner Visits West Papua

After two unsuccessful attempts to visit West Papua in 2008 and 2012, a human rights commissioner of the German Government received the Indonesian government's authorization to enter West Papua in September 2015. During his two day visit, Christoph Strässer met with government representatives  and civil society actors.


Indonesian Government Plans Ambitious Road and Railroad Project in West Papua

The Indonesian Government has planned to push physical development in West Papua through the implementation of an ambitious rail road and road project in West Papua. Both projects should make the transportation of goods and people cheaper and increase the local economy in Indonesia's two easternmost provinces. The Indonesian President Joko Widodo has publicly stated that he intends to finish the Trans-Papua Road by 2019. Furthermore, he has passed plans for the construction of a railroad which should one day connect the Papuan cities Sorong, Manokwari, Nabire, Timika, Sarmi and Jayapura.


HRW releases Report on Media Freedom in Papua

They kept on having a friendly tone: ‘Yes, we’re looking for the right date, we’re more than happy to receive you, let’s look for a date.’ But they never said anything [regarding a solid date]. It was plausible deniability. I think what it shows is that there must be a lot to hide in Papua.

    —Former UN Special Rapporteur Frank La Rue, describing the response of Indonesian officials to his 2012-13 request to visit Papua

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Urgent Appeal - Indonesia: Killings, torture, mass arrests and excessive use of force against Papuans commemorating 1 December

Urgent Appeal

Indonesia: Killings, torture, mass arrests and excessive use of force against Papuans
commemorating 1 December

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54 Children Have Died of Infectious Disease in Nduga Regency During Past Months

The victim solidarity group Mbua SKJM ('Solidaritas Korban Jiwa Mbua') has reported the death of 54 children between early November 2015 and 5 January 2016 due to an epidemic disease. The outbreak of the disease was confirmed by various local news platforms and has affected mostly children under the age of ten years. A survey, conducted by government health institutions in November revealed that the infectious disease might be Pertussis, also commonly referred to as the “whooping cough” or “100-day cough”. The contagious disease also killed livestock, such as pigs, chicken, rabbits and fish, which remain the main source of protein for indigenous Papuans in highland communities. The solidarity group claims that neither the local government, nor national health institutions have seriously responded to stop the epidemic.


Filep Karma released from jail

karmafreesmallA high-profile Papuan separatist leader has been released from prison after more than a decade behind bars, in a fresh sign that Indonesia may be easing its tight grip on the restive eastern region.


Indonesian Military Members Shoot Palm Oil Laborer in Keerom Regency

Antara News and several local newspapers have reported the killing of Marvel Doga, a 22 year old Papuan palm oil laborer, by a member of the Indonesian military unit Yonif 411/Raider. The incident occurred on 20 December 2015, around 22.00 East Indonesia Time, at the area of the Indonesian Palm Oil Company PT. Tandan Sawita Papua in Arso.


ICP Releases New Human Rights Report 2015

In its latest report, the ICP brings together the research of 25 organisations and experts from in- and outside West Papua on the situation of human rights, indigenous peoples' rights and the conflict situation there. It details in particular the demographic development and its causes as well as the ongoing violence by security forces that targets indigenous Papuans.

The development of the human rights situation in West Papua during 2013 and 2014 shows a deterioration compared to the period covered by the ICP’s previous report. West Papua on the Guinea island bordering Asia and the Pacific and comprising the two east Indonesian provinces of Papua and Papua Barat continues to be one of the regions of Asia most seriously affected by human rights violations and an unresolved long standing political conflict. The living conditions of the indigenous Papuan peoples are in stark contrast to those of the trans-migrants from other parts of Indonesia.

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Killings, Arrests and Torture Overshadow the 54th Commemoration of 1st December in West Papua

Every year indigenous Papuans come together on 1st December to commemorate the first raising of the West Papuan Morning Star Flag with the promise of full independence by the former Dutch colonial government. The 54th anniversary was overshadowed by security forces' violent acts against the peaceful protesters.

Local human rights defenders have reported of arbitrary arrests, torture and killings of four Papuans during commemorations in Serui, Nabire and Jakarta. At least 145 people were injured due to excessive use of force by state security forces during the violent dispersals. Furthermore, police officers intimidated and hindered two foreign journalists from filming.


Food estate project may turn Papua into forest fire hotbed

by Hans Nicholas Jong, The Jakarta Post, October 30 2015

While the annual land and forest fires usually occurr in Sumatra and Kalimantan, a large agricultural project in Merauke, Papua, could turn the eastern part of Indonesia into a new hotbed of fires in the archipelago.


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