Objectives and Methodology

The major objectives of the coalition are

  • To ensure the protection of the right to life and the survival of the Papuan people
  • To work towards the end of the human rights violations and impunity in Papua
  • To contribute to the establishment of rule of law in Papua
  • To promote the search for a peaceful solution of the unsolved conflict by addressing the root causes and upholding the vision of Papua as a land of peace

The Coalition works to achieve these aims in close cooperation with relevant partners through its joint initiatives on different levels:

  • At the level of national governments of the respective organisations
  • At the European Union, its institutions and agencies
  • At the United Nations and especially its Human Rights Council
  • At the level of international non-governmental organisations as well as religious leaders and organisations
  • Through the cooperation and networking with other non-governmental organisations working on human rights, peace and the environment in Papua