Report From LBH Jakarta On The Unlawful Arrests Of 1,783 West Papuans Between 25 April - 2 May 2016


This report is based on testimony collected on location by members of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB), Papuan Students Alliance (AMP) and United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP). The information has been verified by Jakarta Legal Aid Institute (LBH Jakarta) to be consistent with its own telephone witness interviews. The number of people arrested on 2 May 2016 has little difference with local media reports due to the high number of arrestees. The rest is consistent with local media reports. Until the report is made, some names have not been obtained yet due to the high number of arrestees.

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On 2 May 2016, thousands of West Papuans conducted peaceful demonstrations simultaneously in Jayapura, Sorong, Merauke, Wamena, Semarang, Makassar and Manokwari. The demonstrations were held in support of the ULMWP to be recognized as a full member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG), protested the commemoration of 1 May 1963 as Indonesia’s accession of West Papua, and to support the International Parliamentarians for West Papua (IPWP) forum in London on 3 May 2016 which will discuss international supervised referendum for West Papua.

In total, 1,735 people were unlawfully arrested Papua in just one day which is on 2 May 2016. The details are as follows: 1,449 people in Jayapura, 118 people in Merauke, 45 people in Semarang, 42 people in Makassar, 40 people in Fakfak, 27 people in Sorong and 14 people in Wamena. In Jayapura, police also arrested at least one child, delivered beatings to a journalist and numerous arrestees, and no less than a thousand of arrestees were forced to take their shirts off. The police beat and forbid journalists to cover in Jayapura and Fakfak.

Intimidation by the security forces existed in all areas where the demonstrations took place including in Kaimana and Manokwari, although the latter did not end up in arrest.

There were 1,783 people unlawfully arrested from 25 April 2016, the beginning of the preparation of the demonstration, to 2 May 2016. And since April 2016 to 2 May 2016, there were 1,846 people unlawfully arrested in Papua.


22 April 2016:

The Chairman of KNPB called for mass protests on 2 May 2016 in support of ULWMP to be recognized as a full member of MSG and also to support the IPWP.

25 April 2016:


At 10.00, two KNPB Ha-Anim members delivered the 2 May demonstration’s notification letter to the Merauke police station, but then arrested. The two people arrested: Rikardo Pisakai and Yustinus Aipits.

27 April 2016:


The notification letter of the 2 May demonstration submitted by KNPB Manado was rejected by the North Sulawesi Police without any clear legal basis.

29 April 2016:


At 17.00, 41 people were arrested at Mandala Field while distributing leaflets of invitation to the 2 May demonstration. People who were arrested and detained in Jayapura police station: Agus Kossay, Chobabe Wanimbo, Gideon, Sony Meage, Adii, Matias Mabel, Epi Wopi, Desman Wenda, Lasker Keroman, Sekius Dapla, Mandela Suu, Regina Wenda, Oca Wetipo, Ribka Komba, Arius Kogoya, Anis Wanimbo, Sara Tabuni, Pretinus Lintamon, Melki Tabuni, Alex Balingga, Jek Salla, Soni Meage, Dolia Uburuangge, Yanus Silak, Obabe Wanimbo, Itoni Bahabol, Beni Yatipai, Rekanus Kerebea, Asap Lintamon, Wendanack Arim, Ben Tabuni, Ben Hisage, Sam Lokon, Yesep Degei, Daniel Nawopa, Deki Gobay, Lascar Amohoso, Alo Yeimo, Simon Boma, Yally Bahabol, Edo Bahabol.


Security forces came to the secretariat of KNPB and Parlemen Rakyat Daerah (PRD) and intimidated the members at around 12.00.

30 April 2016:


KNPB activist Ronal Hiluka was suddenly arrested around KNPB Wamena secretariat. The arrest was not told to anyone including the family.

1 May 2016:


KNPB activists came to Jayawijaya police station to look for Ronal Hiluka. It turned out that he was there arrested. But then Hery Kossay, Melianus Wantik and Hiluka also got arrested. So three more people were arrested.


Police/military forces came to intimidate the secretariat of PRD and KNPB Ha-anim at around 09.20. At 20.20, the security forces came to the secretariat again and arrested five people: Panggrasia Yeem, Matias Tambaip, Kasimirus Mahuze, Fitrius Kaize and Siprianus Basik-Basik.


Intimidation to the KNPB Manokwari came from the Amban local police on the permit of the event which was going to be held in Amban Field. The Amban local police said that the notification letter had not been delivered to Manokwari police, meanwhile the letter had already been sent to the Amban local police since 29 April 2016. The Amban local police then ordered KNPB members to pull down all kind of flags. The head of Manokwari police, contacted via phone, said that praying activity was allowed but must be without political speeches.

2 May 2016:


The mass arrest was done in several waves in several locations. Some were arrested in the morning and some were arrested in the afternoon. In total, there were 118 people arrested and detained in Merauke police station: Gento Emerikus Dop, Carles Sraun, Emilianus Nemop, Emanuel Metemko, Moses Pasim, Ladis Laus R. W Nauce, Yakobus Gebze, Wilhelmus Y. Yolmen, Marthen L. Gebze, Stevanus Kaize, Tarsius Ndiken, Dominikus Samkakai, Reynardus Gebze, Paskalis Yolmen, Yulianus Samkakai, Godefridus Gebze, Martinus Gebze, Yohanes Kaize, Kristoforus Yama, Leo Ndiken, Dominikus Kawayu Samkakai, Kristianus Mahuze, Kosmas Y. Kaize, Ignasius Kaize, Frans Mowi Gebze, Yohanis A. Mahuze, Ever Kaize, Ruben Gebze Awabalik, Fransiskus M. Gebze, Kornelis Pun Yolmen, Yulianus Kahol, Frederikus Yawi Samkakai, Yanuarius M. Awabaen, Selerius Balagaize, Everdina Kahol, Maria K. Gebze, Herman Mbinwa Balagaize, Leo Ndiken, Sendi Balagaize, Siprianus Gebze, Kasimirus Mahuze, Obet Tabuni, Yeheskiael Kerebea, Yahia Labie, Panias Kerebea, Petrus Paulus Koweng, Fitrius Kaize, Siprianus Napet Gebze, Gabriel Mahuze, Natalis Boi, Yustinus aipits, Elias Dafi, Falentinus Womin, Rikardo Pisakai, Soter Temong, Martinus Atuk, Eferetus Kaize, Kasimirus Mahuze, Banriel Bertoni Tamberan, Yoseph Imbanop, Tinus, Tobias Bewut, Inginasius Bifak, Selestinus Boy Jubjo, Isak Sosogom, Amon Cero, Patris Yebo, Linus Chorup Ero, Ambrosius Jupjo, Kris Jup, Donatus, Damianus Pasim, Natalis Boy, Yosep B. Jupjo, Mathias Parad, Titus, Patris Gebo, Simon Pigai. Not all names were obtained due to the high number of the arrestees.
Almost all of the arrestees were released at 16.50, but Kasimirus Mahuze is still arrested because allegedly he was carrying a kitchen knife. Ignasius Bifak is also still arrested because allegedly he beat the police when he was asked to strip off his traditional outfit.


The mass arrest was conducted in several locations. The first arrest was in front of the gate of University of Cenderawasih at around 09.00, 178 people were arrested and detained in Jayapura police station. At around 10.30, around 200 people were arrested in Abepura Circle. At 11.30, 203 people were arrested again. Around 50 people in front of Waena traffic light were arrested and detained in the Brimob headquarter. Later there were 115 people arrested in Yapis station and detained in Jayapura police station. Hundreds of arrestees in Jayapura police station were then moved to the Brimob headquarter.
At the Brimob headquarter, the security forces delivered beatings, forced arrestees to take off their shirts, and journalists were also forbid to cover. Suara Papua journalist was beaten.
In total, there were 1.149 people arrested. At around 18.45, all were released.


10 KNPB activists were arrested: Mardi Hiluka, Petrus Wetipo, Sonny Elopere,  Soleman Itlay, Ima Alua, Agus alua, Iwan Wamu, Martha Haluk, Nalis Alua, Elkius Oagay, Herry Kossay, Melly Melawan Wantik, Ronald Hiluka, Alex Hisage.  Together with whom had been arrested a day before, there were 14 people arrested in total in Baliem, Wamena.


At around 08.00, 27 KNPB activists were arrested by the police/military while they were just beginning to protest in front of UKIP Malanu.


42 KNPB activists were detained at around 17.00. All protest’s properties were confiscated. All were released at around 16.00.


At around 09.45, 45 AMP students who were protesting arrested and detained in Semarang police station. They were all released at 13.00. The 45 students arrested: Yohanes Agap, Selly Tekege, Jhon Tig, Amoye Douw, Zon Wiyai Gobay, Agila Hao, Tarina Iyai, Alosius Yalemaken, Mikael Gobay, Mery Mama Butu, Ida Kedeikoto, Frery A Madai, Demy Magay, Yuli Edoway, Stevina Iyai, Jhon Pakage, Yupinus Bobi, Ferry Tibakoto, Eno Gwijangge, Anton W, Dika A, Apinus J, Luther Deba, Kubia Ney Sobolim, Kinai Amp Tagi, Nikolaus Wakei, Jhon Goo, David Mote, Edi Kemong, Januarius Adii, Yance Murib, Yance Iyai, Emelianus Goo, Yuli Gobay, Napy, Merry Nawipa, Jackson Gwijangge, Elis Magay, Elvisen Nrg, Rian Dekme, Alex Sondeggau, Yapermus Elas, Ami Uamang, Ronny Wanimbo, Bernardo Boma.


19 members of ULMWP were arrested in the secretariat around 17.00. Second wave of the arrest was at around 20.00 when people were gathering. Some of them are still children. Those arrested were: Abnel Hegemur, Siswanto Tigtigweria, Ambram R, Modes Komber, Dany Hegemur, Baron Tanggareri, Yakobus Hindom, Sem Komber, Simon Hindom, Lince Iba, Yonas Hindom, Pasko Hindom, Hiriet Hegemur, Aron Hegemur, Yusub Hegemur, War Hegemur, Esau Rohmana, Nadus Mury, Carles Mury.
A journalist named Marten Kabes was beaten and forbid to cover.


  • Indonesian Constitution article 28E (2), articles 28G (1) and (2), articles 28I (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5) on the right to freedom of expression and protection from torture.
  • Law Number 12 Year 2005 on the Implementation of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights; over security forces blocking and dispersing demonstrations.
  • Law Number 9 Year 1998 on Freedom to Express Opinions in Public articles 2, 5 and 7.
  • Chief of Police Regulation Number 7 Year 2012 on Guidelines on Management, Service, Security, and Handling of Public Expressions of Opinion, articles 3, 5, 9, 26, 27 and 28; because the police’s actions were not proportional and professional in handling the demonstrations resulted in unlawful thousands of arrests.
  • The Criminal Code article 351 on mistreatment, over the beatings to the journalists and arrestees in Jayapura and Fakfak.


3 May 2016
LBH Jakarta

Download Report From LBH Jakarta As PDF File