Kimam sub-district police again involved in case of extra-judicial killing

Ten months ago, three military officers tortured Ishak Dewayekua in the Kimam District of Merauke Regency. Ishak Dewayekua died as result of the severe injuries sustained during the torture. After torturing him, the three military members brought Ishak Dewayekua to the Kimam sub-district police station in an attempt to cover-up the torture (see section below). Now, local human rights defenders have reported the extra-judicial killing of Yudas Gebze from the neighboring Ilwayap district. One of the alleged perpetrators named officer Siampa appears to be a member of the Kimam Police Resort.

On 13 September 2018, at 15.00 pm,  Police Mobile Brigade officer Sihombong, Indonesian Navy officer Simon Oskar Merom and the Kimaam Police Resort officer Siampa forcefully entered Yudas Gebze’s house in Wogikel Village, Ilawayap District. The officers allegedly did not show a warrant authorizing a house search or an arrest. Subsequently, the security force officers arbitrarily arrested Yudas Gebze while torturing him. The reason for the torture is unclear. It is likely that the officers punished Mr. Gebze as he protested against the arbitrary arrest. According to information received, the officers used a sharp item to cut off parts of Yudas’ ears and injured his forehead, hands and left foot. Moreover, the security force officers repeatedly beat him on the back of the head, causing a bleeding injury (see images below).

On 14 September 2018, at 07.00 am, members of the local police flew Yudas Gebze to Merauke. The police officers did not allow family members to visit or accompany him. After his arrival at the Merauke Airport at 7.45 am, Yudas Gebze was brought to the Merauke General Hospital. When two of his relatives tried to visit him at the emergency unit around 09.00 am, a police officer named Kace prevented them from entering the room. The officer also gave a misleading explanation to the relatives, stating that Yudas Gebze was severely injured after being beaten up by community members. At 10.00 am, one of Yudas Gabze relatives was allowed to visit him. According to the relative, Judas Gebze's hands were handcuffed although his physical condition was very weak. At 17.00 pm, Yudas Gebze died in the emergency room of the Merauke public hospital. The family decided to conduct an autopsy before burrying his body in Wogikel Village.

Papua Police spokesman Sr. Comr. A. M. Kamal denied the accusations that police officers had tortured Yudas Gebze and stated that his men conducted the arrest in accordance with criminal procedures. Kamal argued that Yudas Gebze resisted the arrest by allegedly pulling a knife. He added Yudas accidently fell on broken glass when the officers used force to arrested him.

Killing of Ishak Dewayekua, 18 November 2017
In November 2017, the human rights organisations Amnesty International Indonesia and the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence  (KontraS) reported the killing of Ishak Dewayekua by three military members in the Kimam District of Merauke Regency. On 18 November 2017 three military members from the Yalet Post named Serda La Dili Wance, Prada Fredrik Pattiasina and Prada Abiatar Harri repeatedly came to the house of Ishak Dewayekua after they had received information that Ishak was seen drunk in public. Prior to the incident, Ishak had signed a statement in which he promised to stop drinking alcohol.
Some of Ishak Dewayekua’s friends had stayed over night, while Ishak had decided to move to his sister’s house. At 9.00 pm the three military officers came to Ishak’s house, kicked the door open and started to punch Ishak’s friends to the head and body, forcing them to tell Ishak’s whereabouts. Around 11.00 pm, the three military came to the house of Ishak’s sister, and collectively beat Ishak. Ishak tried to escape but fell into a water hole, where the military officers immediately arrested him. According to Ishak’s sister, the army members kicked, punched and beat him with a wooden beam for almost an hour, before they took Ishak to Yalet Military Post. At 12.00 pm. a witness saw that the military officers tortured Ishak at three junction near the Yalet military Post. They put a bucket on Ishak’s head and collectively tortured him for 30 minutes using a rubber hose and bare hands.

On 19 November 2018 at 2.00 am, military personnel brought Ishak to the Kimaam sub-district Police station, where he was transferred to the custody of police officers. At 10.30 am, a police officer prevented Ishak’s younger sister from visiting her brother at the detention cell. At 4.00 pm, a police officer and a military commander came to the house of Ishak’s relative, asking them where Ishak’s body should be buried.

On 23 November 2013, the local military commander of the Yalet Military Post displayed an agreement signed by military personnel from Yalet Military Post during a public ceremony. The agreement was signed by a person whom the military claimed was a representative of Ishak’s family. The document specified that the family and the local military forces would settle the case through a non-judicial process. During the ceremony, the local military commander gave Ishak’s father IDR 50 million (around USD 3,700).