Amnesty International proposes human rights agenda to Indonesia's election candidates

Amnesty international has published a document proposing a human rights human rights to candidates during the Indonesian presidential and parliamentarian elections on 17 April 2019. The agenda consists of nine points, addressing the most important shortcomings in the field of human rights in Indonesia. Several agenda items have a particular high relevance for the human rights context in West Papua. Point six of the agenda demands the government to respect human rights in Papua.

Amnesty International calls on all presidential and parliamentary candidates to commit publicly to ensuring that human rights are protected, respected and fulfilled, as provided in international human rights law and standards and the country's own Constitution.

The PDF document on the human rights agenda may be downloaded here

Amnesty  International  acknowledges  that  since  the  end  of  President  Suharto’s  rule  in  1998,  Indonesia  has embarked on a series of key reforms aimed at enforcing better safeguards for the protection of human rights, enhancing  the  rule  of  law  and  reforming  the  public  security  sector.  Indonesia  has  also  ratified  several international human rights treaties.

However,  despite  some  progress,  Indonesia's  human  rights  record  in  many  areas  has  been  floundering, including  ongoing  human  rights  violations  committed  by  the  security  forces;  undue  restrictions  in  law  and practice  on  the  rights  to  freedom  of  expression  and  freedom  of  religion;  entrenched  gender-based discrimination and other violations of women’s human rights; failure to ensure justice, truth and reparation for past abuses; ongoing human rights violations in Papua; and the continued use of the death penalty.

This  briefing  highlights  the  current  situation  in  these  areas,  although  it  should  be  noted  that  they  do  not represent an exhaustive list of Amnesty International's concerns with regards to human rights in the country.

It draws on Amnesty International’s ongoing research on Indonesia, which involves regular contact with local and  international  non-governmental  organizations,  human  rights  defenders,  victims  and  their  families, lawyers, government officials, journalists and other individuals. 

The agenda consists of the following nine points:

1. Uphold the right to freedom of Expression and protect human rights defenders
2. Respect and protect the right to freedom of thought, consience, religion and belief
3. Ensure accountability for human rights violations committed by security forces
4. Establish accountability for past human rights violations
5. Uphold the rights of women and girls
6. Respect human rights in Papua
7. Close the accountability gap for human rights abuses by companies in palm oil sector
8. End the death penalty
9. End harassment, intimidation, attacks and discrimination against LGBTI people

The PDF document on the human rights agenda may be downloaded here