More extra-judicial killings reported during security force operation in Puncak Regency

Further extra-judicial killings have been reported from the remote highland regency of Puncak, where a security force operation is taking place since 24 August 2019. The most recent incident occurred in the Olenki Village on 17 September 2019, in which joint security forces shot dead an indigenous villager and two children. According to the Papuan news outlet ‘Tabloid Jubi’, a sixty-year old man named Ginobinok Tabuni died inside his house. The hut was set on fire during the security force raid in the village of Tegelobak on 24 August 2019. The family was not able to rescue Ginobinok Tabuni as they fled their house in panic. It was reported that twenty houses in the villages of Tegelobak, Mitimaga and Kelanunggin were burned to the ground.

Security forces allegedly shot dead an eighteen-year-old student named Yul Magai (see intro image) as he was walking to school without wearing a school uniform. Two indigenous villagers reportedly died after being displaced from their villages. Minanggen Wakerkwa (about 60 years) passed away on 26 August 2019 after hiding several days in the forest in Gome District. On 31 August 2019, Giluarikmban Tabuni died due to sickness in the temporary refugee shelter in Yenggernok Village. She was about forty years old.