Update on lethal shooting in Puncak Regency –Three more dead bodies discovered

Only three days after security force members allegedly shot dead seventeen-year-old Atanius Murib and injured Manus Murib (17 years) with bullets, three more bodies were found at the Limbaga Mountain, Gome District. The civil servant Akis Alom (34 years), and two pupils named Wapenus Tabuni (17 years) [see photo below] and twelve-year-old Warius Murib [see photo on top] had been missing since 20 November 2020, the same day as security force members opened fire at Manus Murib and Atanius Murib. The three indigenous Papuans were on their way from the Agandugume District to Ilaga, the largest town in the Puncak regency, where Wapenus and Warius went to school. Relatives assumed that they passed the Limbaga Mountain around 12.00 pm, approximately 60 to 90 minutes after the previous shooting.


Papuan musician reportedly tortured for singing pro-independence songs

The Papuan musician, Kris Douw, was allegedly tortured by military members at the Kodim military Complex in the Papuan town of Nabire on 21 November 2020. The media outlets New Zealand-based media outlets Asia Pacific Report and Evening Report published news articles in reaction to social media posts on the case by the Free West Papua Campaign. The posts contain a short narrative and photographs of Kris Douw’s injuries (see photo on top, source: Free West Papua Campaign). He sustained multiple bruises in his face and body, including several broken teeth.

The incident reportedly occurred around 8.00 am. According to information received, military special force members beat up Kris Douw for writing and publishing a song and a video which promote Papuan political independence and the armed struggle by the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPN PB).


Illegal logging in the Tambrauw Regency – NGOs demand Govt to take action against PT. Multi Wijaya Wahana

A coalition of NGOs in the Sorong Regency demand local government and law enforcement institutions to immediately investigate allegations of illegal logging which have reportedly been committed by the company PT. Multi Wijaya Wahana (PT. MWW) in the regency of Tambrauw. According to Charles Tawaru, the director of Papua Forest Watch (PFW), the NGOs found illegal logging practices during investigations between 2018 and 2019 which the company uses until today. The NGOs demand that PT. MWW’s logging concessions shall immediately be withdrawn if investigations confirm the allegations of illegal logging practices. PT. MWW’s logging concession had been extended twice in 2013 and 2018 ignoring strong indications  for the violation of multiple laws and local regulations.


Papuan human rights defender threatened and stigmatized as separatist

Papuan human rights defender, Theo Hesegem, was verbally attacked and discredited by members of the government’s customary organisation ‘Lembaga Musyawarah Adat’ (LMA) at the airport in Wamena, Jayawijaya Regency, on 15 November 2020. Mr. Hesegem had come to monitor the security situation at the airport. The situation threatened to escalate as LMA members and sympathisers of the ‘Red White Front’ (‘Barisan Merah Putih’ or BMP) prevented a delegation of 62 people from leaving the airport building. The delegation was seconded by the Papuan Peoples Assembly (MRP) to hold a consultation hearing about the success and failure of the Papuan Special Autonomy. Multiple plain cloth intelligence officers and military members recorded the incident with cell phone cameras without making any effort to deescalate the situation.


Military police investigate alleged burning of Government facilities in Intan Jaya

The military police are investigating allegations on the deliberate arson of a public health facility during a military operation in the Hitadipa District on 19 September 2020. The operation also resulted in the execution of Rev Yeremia Zanambani. The investigation had been launched after multiple investigation teams had reported the arson to various Government institutions and representatives. Currently, eight army members, namely Capt. SA, Second Lt. KT, Second Sgt. MFA, First Sgt. S, Second Sgt. ISF, Second Cpl. DP, First Pvt. MI and Second Pvt. MH. Dodik are under investigation in relation to the fire which destroyed multiple buildings. The houses had been built by the local health department as accommodation for medical staffs.



MRP faces intimidation and arrest during preparation of consultation hearings about success and failure of Papuan Special Autonomy

In 2001, the Indonesian government adopted Law No. 21/2001 on the Special Autonomy for the Papua Province. The government also approved special autonomy funds for a period of 20 years. As the funding period is coming to an end, the Papuan Peoples’ Assembly (MRP) has launched a series of consultation hearings (Bhs Indonesia: Rapat Dengar Pendapat or RDP which can be translated as “meetings to listen to opinions”) to determine the aspirations of the Papuan people regarding a possible prolongation of Special Autonomy funding for the provinces of Papua and Papua Barat. Article 77 of the law No. 21/2001 provides the legal foundation for “any proposals regarding the amendment of the Law” and mandates the MRP to hold RDP hearings across West Papua.


Treason trial against three Papuans from Maybrat at Sorong District Court

On 15 September 2020, the panel of judges launched another political trial at the Sorong District Court. The Papuan defendants Marten Muuk, Simon Sasior and Yakobus Assem have been charged with three indictments, among them the Articles 110 of the Indonesian Criminal Code (KUHP) on criminal conspiracy and Article 106 KUHP on treason, the latter carrying a maximum penalty of live imprisonment. The three Papuans were arrested during a police raid in the regency of Maybrat, Papua Barat Province. The arrest occurred on 23 April 2020 in the Tigihmana Village of the Aifat District.


Palm oil conglomerate Korindo accused of clearing rainforest in West Papua with fire

A new investigation by Greenpeace International and Forensic Architecture came to the result that the Indonesian-South-Korean palmoil conglomerate Korindo uses slash and burn practices to clear rainforests in West Papua. The organisations used cutting-edge data analysis to proof the direct co-relation between the appearance of fires and the expansion of Korindo’s palm oil plantation in one of the company’s concession areas in West Papua. According to the NGOs, the fires occurred in patterns of consistent deliberate use. Indonesian law prohibits the use of fire for the clearing of forest areas.


Security force members allegedly shoot dead high school student in Puncak - second student injured by bullets

The armed conflict in West Papua’s central highlands continues to deteriorate, costing the lives of innocent civilians. The latest extra-judicial killing was reported from the Papuan regency of Puncak. According to the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Desk of the Papuan Tabernacle Church (JPIC Kingmi Papua) and the Papuan Institute for Human Rights Study and Advocacy (ELSHAM Papua), the two students were on their way from the town of Ilaga to their home village in the district of Agundugume on 20 November 2020. When the minors reached the Limbaga Mountain in the Gome District, they were intercepted by group of fully armed security force members who reportedly tried to execute both minors. Seventeen-year-old Manus Murib sustained three bullet injuries as he escaped the execution while his friend, Atanius Murib (17 years) was killed on the spot.


Korindo accused of illegally burning Papuan rainforest

Since 2011, fires have been used to clear vast areas of forests in remote areas of the Indonesian province of West Papua, including concessions sites operated by an Indonesian/Korean palm oil agglomerate, named Korindo. Forensic Architecture and Greenpeace International sought to examine this allegation independently and investigate whether the cause of the fires could be identified in Korindo's palm oil concessions in Papua.  If fire was being used to clear the concessions operated by Korindo, the company would be in breach of the Indonesian law and the credibility of the FSC investigation could be questioned.


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