At least 33 victims of extra-judicial killings in West Papua throughout 2019

The International Coalition for Papua (ICP) has documented the extra-judicial killings of 33 civilian victims* by security force members throughout the year 2019. All victims were reportedly unarmed and – except for a single case – ethnic Papuans. This finding is an indication of the continuing pattern of state violence, violations of the right to life and the persistent racial discrimination which indigenous Papuans face in Indonesia. The list does not include victims of extra-judicial killings during the forceful dispersal of a protest against racism and the subsequent outbreak of ethnic violence in the town of Wamena on 23 September 2019. Investigations into the case are still ongoing. We demand Indonesian authorities to immediately conduct independent, impartial and effective investigations into these cases. All perpetrators should be brought to justice at civilian courts through fair and transparent trials, as stipulated in international human rights treaties.

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In memory of the killed indigenous Papuans and solidarity with their families, who continue to seek justice for their relatives, we would like to share and respect the following victims:

1. On 21 January 2019, members of the Sorong District Police shot dead student Indra Wijaya Taran in Sorong City. Evidence indicates that Indra Wijaya Taran was a drug user trying to escape as the officers wanted to arrest him.

2. On 4 March 2019, security force members shot dead Ameri Nimiangge, 20, in front of Lambema primary school in the district of Inikgal, Nduga Regency. The incident occurred as part of a widespread security force operation against the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPN PB) in Nduga. During the same intervention, security force members killed Kansa Wandikbo, 31, in the district of Mugi on 28 March 2019.

3. On 21 May 2019, security force members shot dead Yulius Mote, 18, during a security force raid in the town of Waghete, Deiyai Regency. Yulius Mote sustained a lethal bullet wound in the head as he wanted to go to the village of Idege.

4. On 27 May 2019, three members of the Zeni Tempur 11/Mit Anim military command fired with live ammunition into a group of political supporters. They shot dead Xaverius Sai (aged 40), Nikolaus Tuba (aged 38), Matias Amunep (aged 16) and Frederikus Inepi (aged 35) in the village of Basim, Asmat Regency.

5. On 4 June 2019, an intoxicated police officer with the initials RK shot dead Yohanes Octo Moiwend in the village of Wogikel, Merauke Regency. The shooting occurred during a dispute in front of a local bar.

6. On 4 July 2019, joint security forces killed an indigenous woman named Kenmalet Gwijangge, 26, as she was collecting crops in her garden near Muruldumu Village, Nduga regency. At the time of the incident, Mrs Gwijangge was carrying her one-year-old baby. Relatives have no information regarding the whereabouts of her baby, Raina Nirigi.

7. On 15 August 2019, four soldiers of the 756 Wim Anesili Wouma Battalion tortured Analok Heselo, 23, inside a military post in the district of Wouma, Jayawijaya Regency. Analok Heselo died shortly after his hospitalisation as a result of the injuries he sustained during the torture.

8. On 24 August 2019, indigenous villager Ginobinok Tabuni, 60, burnt inside his house during the security force operation in the village of Tegelobak, Puncak Regency. Relatives were not able to rescue Ginobinok Tabuni as they fled their home in panic. During the raid, Security forces shot dead Yul Magai, 18, as he was walking to school without wearing a school uniform.

9. On 28 August 2019, joint security forces forcefully disperse a protest against racism in the Town of Waghete, Deiyai regency. They killed Yustinus Takimai (aged 24), Alpius Pigai (aged 20), Marinus Ikomou (aged 37), Hans Ukago (aged 26), Derikson Adii (aged 21), Pilemon Waine (aged 28), Aminadap Kotouki (aged 35) and Yemi Douw (aged 29). Yustinus Takimai was crushed by a vehicle and died instantly from the injuries he sustained. The other victims died as a result of bullet injuries when security force members shot with live ammunition into the crowd of protesters.

10. On 17 September 2019, joint security forces shot dead 33-year-old Tekiman Wonda, ten-year-old Edison Mom and one-year-old Rudi Mom in the village of Olenki during a widespread military operation against the TPN PB in the regency of Puncak.

11. On 23 September 2019, joint security forces forcefully dispersed a crowd of Papuan students in Waena, Jayapura City and killed four students named Ason Mujizau, Jery Murib, Otier Wenda and Eremanus Wesareak. The students were protesting against racist assaults against other Papuan students in the Javanese cities of Malang and Surabaya.

12. On 9 November 2019, military members shot dead Papuan student Lemitur Wandik in the highland town of Karubaga, Tolikara Regency. The military members wanted to settle a dispute between migrant traders and a group of indigenous Papuans.

13. On 1 December 2019, Amos Herietrenggi, 30, was shot dead as members of the military and police openly fired at the protesters participating in a long peaceful march in the town of Fakfak, Fakfak Regency. The march was part of the 1st December commemorations, which many Papuans consider as West Papua's Independence Day.

14. On 2 and 4 December 2019, Indonesian Military Infantry (TNI-AD) forces launched attacks against the TPN-PB in the regency of Lanny Jaya. Two indigenous villagers named Abokman Tabuni and Diron Tabuni were killed during a subsequent raid in the village of Timonikime, Balingga District.

15. On 20 December 2019, members of the military executed Papuan driver, Hendrik Lokbere, in the regency of Nduga, as he was driving his pick-up truck on Yosema Road to pick up a group of indigenous Papuans who had been working in their gardens.

The ICP also noted the killing or disappearance of Maikel Ilintamon, Selyus Logo, Ronaldo Yawan, Marselino Samon, Evertin Mofu, Amran, Oktovianus Mote, Maikel Kareth, Yuliana Dorongi, Yulince Bugi, Masen Kusumubrue, Tolop Bugi, Hardius Bugi in 2019. However, the data available until today did not allow to verify whether perpetrators and circumstances in these cases amount to an extra-judicial killing or illegal killing by Indonesian security forces. An independent investigation of these cases remains urgent.

(*)The list does not include victims of extra-judicial killings during the forceful dispersal of a protest against racism and the subsequent outbreak of ethnic violence in the town of Wamena, Jayawijaya regency, on 23 September 2019. Investigations in the case are still ongoing. According to data published by the police, 33 persons were killed (25 non-Papuans & 8 Papuans) during the riots. Non-government sources alleged that the riots cost the lives of 42 persons, from which sixteen victims were ethnic Papuans. Data show that the majority of them died as a result of bullet injuries indicating a high possibility of extra-judicial killings by security force members during the crackdown.


Download and share the 2-page PDF! #PapuanLivesMatter