UN requests Indonesian govt to report on civil and political issues in West Papua

The Human Rights Committee (CCPR), the body that monitors implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), has adopted the List of Issues prior to Reporting (LOIPR) of Indonesia at its 129th session (29 June to 24 July). The Indonesian government is now requested to respond to this list of issues prior to submission of the country's second periodic report with its state report instead of choosing its own structure and issues for reporting.

While covering a much larger area of civil and political issues in Indonesia, the 6-page document does specifically ask Indonesia about Papua/West Papua in relation to violence against women, right to life, IDPs, peaceful assembly, freedom of expression, the establishment of local parties in the context of Special Autonomy, and authorities responses to self-determination/referendum calls. It finally asks about measures to end racial discrimination against indigenous Papuans in the context of protection of minority rights. The Committee specifically asks for the publication of updated census data disaggregated by indigenous/ethnic background.

The document is available on the UN OHCHR website.



Background Information:

In July 2013, the UN Human Rights Committee concluded its first review of Indonesia under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (Indonesian version). While Indonesia was obliged under the convention it had acceded to already in 2006, to submit a report for a 2nd review years ago, the committee has now started to initiate the 2nd review instead.

Until 1 June 2020, NGOs could submit information as to what list of issues the committee should ask Indonesia to respond to and what questions the committee should put forward to Indonesia regarding the protection of civil and political rights there. The process applied here is the so-called simplified procedure. In its 129th session, the committee adopted its list of issues prior to the reporting (LOIPR) of Indonesia based on the information it received from NGOs and other sources.

The ICP considers that in relation to West Papua the committee should raise with Indonesia the following issues related to the articles of the ICCPR:

  • the high number of extra-judicial killings, arrests and other forms of violence from security forces against indigenous Papuans with impunity
  • violations of the freedom of assembly and association
  • political prisoners and detainees
  • internal displacement
  • restrictions on media freedom
  • racial discrimination against indigenous Papuans
  • the rights to self-determination and participation in public affairs of indigenous Papuans
  • discrimination against women in West Papua
  • the right to fair trial