Victim of torture dies in Tambrauw Regency – Observers demand independent investigation

On 9 April 2021, two members of the Pamrahwan Yonif RK 763 military post tortured indigenous Papuan, Moses Yewen, 45, in the village of Wayo, Tambrauw Regency. He reported the incident to the military police and demanded the withdrawal of military personnel from Fef and the Tambrauw Regency.  On 7 May 2021, Moses Yewen suddenly passed away in his house in the Wayo Village, Fef District. Observers believe that his death is related to the torture he experienced one month earlier. Mose Yewen (see photo, Suara Papua) was an indigenous land rights holder in the Fef District, where the military has erected a military post and a military sub-district command.

According to relatives, Moses Yewen suddenly felt pain and had difficulties moving his legs. Around 4.00 am, he reportedly lost eyesight and could no longer take in food or fluids. Moses Yewen passed away around 7.00 am. Local observers demand an independent investigation into his sudden death. They believe that the death is related to internal injuries that he sustained due to the torture and demanded an independent inquiry into his death. Moses Yewen reportedly received only primary medical treatment shortly after the torture, mainly focusing on his external wounds.