Event notice: Papuan Voices Film Festival coming in August 2021

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The NGO ‘Papuan Voices’ will organise the fourth Papuan Documentary Film Festival (FFP IV) with the slogan “Moving Together and Taking Care for the Land of Papua” in Jayapura between 7 and 9 August 2021. Moviemakers will present their documentaries on the lives of indigenous Papuans at the festival. The festival will reach its peak on 9 August 2021, on the same day as the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples. A panel of judges will choose the most innovative documentary on West Papua in 2021. Papuan Voices will also conduct workshops for those who are interested in learning how to make a documentary.

Papuan Voices Coordinator Bernard Koten explained that the theme of FFP IV, "Moving Together and Taking Care for the Land of Papua", shall reflect on the situations and conditions of indigenous Papuans in their daily life struggle, including issues of forest management, natural resource exploitation and its effects on customary communities. "[The slogan] ' Moving Together and Taking Care for the Land of Papua ' [is] an effort to invite all fractions of Papuan society to pay attention to the situation and conditions in West Papua," he said.

The festival was supposed to take place in Jayawijaya’s main town Wamena last year but had to be cancelled due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The organisers announced they would anticipate the Covid-19 situation by limiting the total number of visitors. To reach a greater audience still, Papuan Voices will closely work together with media outlets.