Security force operation in Dekai accompanied by arbitrary arrest and torture

Joint security forces reportedly conducted a raid in the town of Dekai, Yahukimo Regency, on 28 August 2021. According to Papuan media outlet Jubi, security force members arrested eight indigenous Papuans near the Kurima Kali Biro Road. One of the arrestees is the head of the Wusama District, Mr Etius Baye. He was allegedly tortured during the arrest. According to witness testimony, a security force member questioned Mr Baye at gunpoint and subsequently stroke him with the weapon into the face. Etius Baye sustained a bleeding wound on the forehead as a result of the torture.

The raid took place around 8.00 pm. Residents fled to the forest after they heard the shots. When they returned to their houses, the security forces had removed furniture and seized money, tools, and domestic appliances.

The eight Papuans have been detained at the Yahukimo District Police Station in Dekai. Witnesses believe that the police carried out the arrests because they believed the arrestees were affiliated with the West Papua National Liberation Army. Relatives declared that none of the arrestees were TPN PB members and demanded the immediate release of the eight villagers. It is not known whether the police will press charges against them.

List of arrestees during security force operation in Dekai, Yahukimo Regency, on 29.8.2021




Etius Baye


Nas Baye


Jem Baye


Selkinus Baye


Ikut Baye


Marten Murid


Jemunus Murid


Komol Murid