Police disperse peaceful West Papua rally in front of US Embassy in Jakarta - at least 15 protesters arrested

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Police forces dispersed a peaceful assembly in front of the US Embassy in Jakarta on 30 September 2021 (see photos, source: Suara Papua). The rally was organised by the Papuan Student Alliance (AMP) in commemoration of the Rome agreement, a colonial treaty between the United States of America, the Netherlands and Indonesia in 1962, which gave rise to Indonesia's claim to the land of Papua after the handover of West Papua (former Nederlands Nieuw Guinea) from the Dutch to Indonesia.

According to media outlet Suara Papua, police officers arrested at least 15 protesters (see list of names below) and detained them at the Jakarta police headquarters. Some of them reportedly sustained injuries during the crowd control operation. Observers stated that the officers dragged the protesters into a police truck. One female protester was indecently touched as a police officer dragged her to the vehicle.

The total number of arrestees vary between sources. The Jakarta police chief, Hengki Haryadi, himself claimed that his men arrested 17 protesters. The police justified the dispersal, arguing that the protesters had violated COVID-19 health protocols.

List with names arrested during the AMP protest at the US Ambassy, 30 September 2021:

1.    Vincen Matuan
2.    Kelvin Molama
3.    Toly Wanimbo
4.    Ateng Sama
5.    Ince Kobak
6.    Cika Tabuni
7.    Rival Inyomusi
8.    Dema Kogoya
9.    Lisa Penggu
10.    Meppa Rusa
11.    Deina Kogoya
12.    Nahom Wanimbo
13.    Bob Wenda
14.    Jhon Murib
15.    Ombex Kobak

Photos taken during the protest and detention at the Jakarta police headquarters:

AMP Jakarta Demo 1








AMP Jakarta Demo 3








AMP Jakarta Demo 4








AMP Jakarta Demo 5