Communities, Children and Teachers in Papua

Communities, Children and Teachers in Papua - Hand in Hand for a Better Future


This report  presents  the  findings  of  a  research  to explore  opportunities  to  increase access  to  and quality  of basic education in Papua, Indonesia.  The  main objective was to find  ways to  motivate  the people  of  Papua  to  actively  participate  in  realizing  their primary  right  to  qualified  education,  and  to involve them in building good governance responsive  to the people’s roles in the future.

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 In October 2009, the Faith-based Network on West Papua Netherlands commissioned a team of consultants to undertake the research. The broad scope of the assignment made a flexible approach and  timeframe  necessary.  In  this  respect  the  understanding  and support  of  Jeroen  Jurriëns  (ICCO)  and  Marijn Peperkamp (Justice and Peace Netherlands) from the network were highly appreciated by the team.

The team  would  like  to  express  their  sincerest  gratitude  to  those  who  were  willing to  share  relevant information  and provided  deeper  insights  in  the  education  sector, specifically  in  the  Papua  situation. We are greatly indebted to Bapak M. Yusuf who was the driving force behind many of our activities in Papua. In  Jakarta we received some useful inputs  and  views from  Mr.  Arnold van der Zanden, First Secretary  and  Thematic  Expert  Education  in  the  Dutch  Embassy.  Mr.  Bagyo  Y  Moeliodihardjo, lecturer at the University of Indonesia, shared many valuable thoughts and interesting documents on the education sector and its development in Indonesia.
Essential  for  the  accomplishment  of  this  research  was  the  support  the  team received  from  Bapak James  Modouw,  Head  of  the  Provincial  Education  Office  in  Papua province.  His openness,  humour and spirit to improve the education sector in Papua greatly inspired the team. In Papua Barat province thanks  to  the  cooperation  of  Ibu Bernarda  H.M  Henan,  Head  of  Provincial  Education  Office,  Bapak Agustinus Sroyer and Bapak Edison Ompe the swiftly organised briefing became a great success, not in the least for all participants who appreciated the organised discussion forum.  

The team is indebted to all those who provided relevant data, information and ideas during interviews, focus  group  discussions  and  briefings  in  Papua.  Without  this  information it  would  never  have  been possible to compile the current report. We mention just a few of all those we are grateful to: Johanis Rumere who briefly joined the team, Ira Febriana, Rendy Djauhari, Chelsea Tan, staff from the Institute for Civil Strengthening in  Papua (ICS) and all those who contributed to the donor  matrix. Finally we would like  to thank Johan Ceelen for his  support,  Siswandi Mukharal for his encouragement and critical proof reading and Kustin for her invaluable excel skills.    

Finally we are aware of the shortcomings of this report and realise that the wide scope did not allow us  to  scrutinize  all  issues that  emerged  during  the  research.  In  this  respect, future  in-depth  study  at district level is recommended. We sincerely hope that our findings provide ideas to plan a contribution to realize the right to education for the children in Papua.
Monique Soesman (team leader) & Danarti Wulandari
Jakarta, December 2009

Download Report as PDF file