PAPUA: The Neglected ‘Paradise’, Human Rights Report SJP throughout Papua 2015-2017 and Memoria Pasionis 2018, Notes and Reflections of Human Rights Events in the Land of Papua, July - December 2018

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"This book actually does not only contain a series of reports, both narrative and investigative. More than that, it was intended to inspire the emergence of truly synergistic movements to carry out a gigantic work: upholding justice and peace in Land of Paradise. This book, thus, intends to motivate the fellow activists to uphold justice and peace that must be fought for in the Land of Papua /Tanah Papua.

Perhaps it is not too much to say that this book also seeks to deliver an approach: understanding Papua from the perspective of Papuans with their special characteristics. Without understanding Papua from their perspective, it seems difficult to look into the heart of Papuans. Therefore, I hope this book will open our horizons so that we are eager to learn from the rich repertoire of Papuans. Why? Because the abandonment of Papua as the heavenly land, undoubtedly, is a serious violation of the enforcement of the values of noble human dignity.

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This book is also the result of the at least three years of hard work of SJP colleagues throughout the Land of Papua. In the midst of countless storms and challenges, with the financial support that sometimes stagnates and even uncertain, finally various reports regarding human rights in our beloved Papua are gathered. Again, thanks to the willingness to hold regular and alternating meetings every year in Agats, Jayapura, Merauke, Sorong and Timika, concluded with a strong determination to publish this collection of reports in book form." (Introduction, p. 7)

"The first part is about the Secretariat of Justice and Peace (SJP) throughout Papua and its efforts in fighting for justice in the Land of Papua. SJP is a representation of the Catholic Church which takes an important role in voicing humanity and the tragedy of violent conflict that never ends. The Catholic Church becomes a foothold and as a perspective in interpreting various human rights situations in the Land of Papua.

Part Two, describes numbers of incidents regarding human rights violations in Papua during 2015-2017. The events presented are gathered from SJP reports in each dioceses, partners and SJP networks throughout Papua as well as records of several print and internet media.

Then, in the third or the final part, it has presented conclusions, recommendations, and solutions. From data analysis and various events gathered by the SJP Team throughout Papua, the Writers provided critical notes and in-depth reflections to help readers see and interpret the situation in Papua. In addition, readers and the public understand how the Catholic Church in the Land of Papua addresses these problems." (Foreword by the Author, p. 8)

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