Indonesian Law No 32 of 2009 on Enviromental Protection and Management

This Law aims to create an environmentally sustainable development through means of an environmental planning policy and the rational exploitation, development, maintenance, restoration, supervision, and control of the environment.

Environmental protection and management shall be planned through the following phases: environmental inventorying to obtain data and information on natural resources; stipulation of ecoregions; and the formulation of environmental protection and management plans. The Government shall be responsible for: controlling natural resources; controlling environmental pollution and damage; making strategic environmental assessments; providing quality standards of the environment; regulating legal actions and legal relations between persons and/or other legal subjects; controlling activities that have social impact; developing a funding system for efforts to preserve environmental functions; etc.

Every business and/or activity having a substantial impact on the environment is subject to an environmental impact analysis to obtain a licence to conduct such business or activity, as discussed in detail in the Law. Requirements and procedures for getting an environmental permit are set out in the Law.
The Law also makes provision for the management of hazardous and toxic materials and hazardous and toxic waste.
Particular attention should also be paid to the Law's importance to the role that communities should play in environmental protection and management.
The Law further provides for the development of an environmental information system to support the implementation and development of environmental protection and management policies; rights, obligations and prohibitions of the people; settlement of environmental disputes; investigation powers of the Republic of Indonesia's police offences and penalties; etc.

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